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[Cryptography] A humble recommendation

Hi, sorry for barging in....

On 4/5/16, grarpamp <[email protected]> wrote:
> On 4/5/16, Ismail Kizir <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> Dan Geer said:
>>> Anyone who voluntarily uses a device whose inherent function requires
>>> continuous connectivity has no, repeat no, reasonable expectation of not
>>> being tracked.
> Problem is, people (and the people) either:
> - Did (or do not, or no longer, or would not) grant explicit
> permission for such.
> - Either way, they have no real idea the true depth of what's going on,
> not even at the surface, not because they're stupid or doing something
> else,
> but because you keep it secret and don't tell them, even when they ask,
> both of which are evil, in particular while under all the other strange
> forces being applied to them. Like braindead Facebook and TV.
> "Reasonable expectation" has turned out to be, not open truth
> and permission, but a linguistic game, not for the people, but
> one continually modified upon and against them.

The solution to the problems of state is not better cyptography.
Those are nice techniques which will be useful for other things.  The
solution to the problems of State is to fix the State.   Because the
scenario of overthrowing the government and instating a
socialists/anarchist/whatever state is not going to be a welcome
solution to the existing populace.  Absent that, you only have hiding
from the State or other minor changes which aren't ultimately

The solution for fixing the State of America (which is the first
domino in the chain) is to remember that the American Revolution
fought for the same ideals as us and USE THE LAW.  It is unambiguously
in the hands of the People.  There's no way a Court, hanging a US flag
can ignore principles of that the nation was founded on.

See <http://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Hack_the_Law> for several cracks in
the behemoth/ juggernaut of what is now "America".

So transparent as to be invisible...