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[Cryptography] "Most Americans Don't Mind Being on Candid Camera"

 | WMD? Chem is as irrelavent as a cloudy day. Nuke policing is
 | tricky yet seems to be working and still under state control. But
 | it's the bio's / DNA and knowledge coming out of govt/corp/edu labs
 | that pose the biggest risk to mass humanity. And nobody seems
 | to have any idea how to grasp or manage that.


Read Juan Enriquez's (new) book: _Evolving Ourselves_
the subtitle of which is _How Unnatural Selection and
Nonrandom Mutation are Changing Life on Earth_.

Compare that to the core plot line in Richard Clarke's
_Breakpoint_, which was that once genetic modding
becomes doable not only will the elite think they are
better than the rest, they will be.

All states already require permanent cryobanking of
neonates' cord-blood; how soon before we start
screening it for diseases-to-be, all in the name
of universal-risk-pooling which will be oh so surely
couched in paternalistic common good (Obamacare)?