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[Cryptography] "Most Americans Don't Mind Being on Candid Camera"

On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 2:27 PM, Barney Wolff <[email protected]> wrote:
> So it's ok to declare war on Hezbollah but not on ISIS?  If I decide to
> build my own WMD I'm a criminal but if Pakistan fails to prosecute the
> guy who helps me then I'm an enemy combatant?
> Seems to me the criterion should be the level of the threat, not fine
> distinctions on who's making it.

Show me any written declaration of war made since WWII. Problem
is you've made everything so gray since then that not even
you yourself can see straight anymore. That's a real problem.
We already know that has created constant global guerrilla
grinding of waste, destruction and death. It would be interesting
if it spawns an actual war or WWIII... even if only to restore clear

WMD? Chem is as irrelavent as a cloudy day. Nuke policing is
tricky yet seems to be working and still under state control. But
it's the bio's / DNA and knowledge coming out of govt/corp/edu labs
that pose the biggest risk to mass humanity. And nobody seems
to have any idea how to grasp or manage that.