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Cypherpunk Politics [was: REAL-ID Coming]

On Wed, Mar 04, 2015 at 07:16:18AM +0000, Cathal (Phone) wrote:
>  +1. More than this, whatever your feelings on governments per se, not all governments are particularly bad when it comes to privacy, spying, etcetera.
> There is plenty wrong with the Irish kleptocracy, but as far as we currently know domestic mass surveillance isn't in play over here.

wth are you talking about? ireland is the bridgehead of fucking facebooks
tentacles. the irish data protection officer is a goddamn joke. the whole
country has major parts of its gdp only because of their incredibly flexible
spine that they use to adjust to the silicon valley doing their EU money and
data laundering, besides the UK there's not much more complicit states than
the irish when it comes to EU wide mass surveillance.

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