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Cypherpunk Politics [was: REAL-ID Coming]

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 5:19 AM, rysiek <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Crypto isn't going to stop the metamining surveillance. And as in the
>> subject, standing in line to happily get and show their papers please isn't
>> going to stop that either.
> Agreed.
>> Where are that mass of geeks, cryptos, internets... those making
>> such technical measures... where are they acting in politics?
>> Running for office, bringing issues to their councils, donating,
>> and so on.
> There might, or might not, be hackers among us who are trying to hack on
> policy level. But those hackers, if they indeed are following (or maybe even
> taking part in) the discussions here, might not want to come out with such
> information, as the level of hostility towards any persons or organisations
> that can be painted as "working with The Man" or "taking the Man's money" is
> too damn highâ?¢.

Who cares, that's up to the cpunk. If the cypherpunk is pure, working
with the man to get cpunk shit done is just another hacking skin
to hang on their wall. And a highly prized one of social engineering
at that. Cpunks should bow the fuck down in respect to such a fellow
cpunk, not fling hostile FUD at them just because they're working
the system. For that matter, they should join them to add another
voice. There are probably more US persons on this list than there
are in their entire Congress. Think about that...

Now in the other direction of possible hostility... should The Man
discover a cpunk within their ranks, well yes, there is a risk there.
The usual opsec applies.

> In other words, FUD spread by "the Man" and the disinformation campaign,
> sowing dissent, creating hostility and distrust within the community, and in
> general the divide and conquer approach work wonders.

That's why the above masses need to activate and throw the FUD back,
and more, at The Man. Two can play that game. Problem is, right now
there is only one real player on the field of politics, his name is The Man,
and he's not on team cpunk.