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Cypherpunk Politics [was: REAL-ID Coming]

>Who cares, that's up to the cpunk. If the cypherpunk is pure, working
>with the man to get cpunk shit done is just another hacking skin
>to hang on their wall. And a highly prized one of social engineering
>at that. Cpunks should bow the fuck down in respect to such a fellow
>cpunk, not fling hostile FUD at them just because they're working
>the system.

 +1. More than this, whatever your feelings on governments per se, not all governments are particularly bad when it comes to privacy, spying, etcetera.

There is plenty wrong with the Irish kleptocracy, but as far as we currently know domestic mass surveillance isn't in play over here. There's also plenty of funding still available for civic stuff for which a "business plan" is either inappropriate or inconceivable, though applications are pretty competitive.

If Tor were being funded by the Irish government, for example, there would be far less reason for concern.
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