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[Cryptography] Help investigate cell phone snooping by police nationwide

My comments interspersed.

 From: John Young <[email protected]>
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Sent: Monday, June 9, 2014 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: [Cryptography] Help investigate cell phone snooping by  police nationwide

>Tinfoil is not sufficent any more due to increased sensitivy of
>interceptors. False protection left in place as ploy.

It might help if the cell phone was first wrapped in RF-absorptive sheet or foam, and then wrapped in aluminum foil.  As a ham (callsign N7IJS; oddly, I'm the last "tech-plus" ham in the country due to the refusal of the FCC to act on my January 2010 license renewal application), I am reasonably aware of the technology.  There are probably dissipative ferrite materials embedded in plastic/rubber sheeting which would do a good job absorbing RF.  Example just found with google search: RF and Microwave Absorber - Ferrite Tiles and Foam Absorber    I found that using Google 'rf dissipation ferrite sheet'.

>False TEMPEST protection is especially effective, the best
>remains classified in a rolling fashion: more leaked to delude
>the more unleaked of what works. Inadvertent emanations
>are increasingly inadvertent as research in those waves
>leaps by giant bounds.

>Not news to this crafty gaggle of uncontrollably paranoidic
>deceptors braying about faults, patches, new faults, new
>paths, rolling thunder to panic herds of panic-herders,
>pardon, infiltrated standards setters.

>Jim, you may be the only experienced expert here in
>betrayal by trustees inside and outside the penal colony,
>pardon, West of the Pecos justice rigged-comsec
>industry. All hail MIT, industry leader of techno-rigging.

MIT does seem to get around!  (Full disclosure:  I spent four years there, 1976-1980).

>BTW, are you at liberty to reveal the secrets of bio-chemical
>TEMPEST? The inadvertent body odor is somewhat more
>reliable than facial and corporeal. Rumor of testing on the
>bio-chem harvesting in prisons, separation of sexes into
>their many varieties of posturing, impostering, hybridity
>and crossings.

I would be happy to reveal any 'secrets' I know, problem is I don't really know any secrets.  I haven't heard of analysis of bio-chem in prison, with the exception of DNA testing near the end of a sentence.  I would imagine it would be possible to analyze the odor of a person using GCMS (gas-chromatograph/mass-spectrometer), and that should be extremely sensitive.  How selective it is, between one person and another, is a question I do not know.  And, of course, a given person's 'signal' could be expected to vary depending on his recent diet, or perhaps whether he has been ill recently.  I have heard occasional references to the idea of diagnosing people of various illnesses based on the presence of minute amounts of chemicals in breath (a neat idea, BTW).  

>After 9/11 batteries of full sprectrum bio-chem sensors
>were set up in NYC transporation nodes, pretending to be
>about snffing for bombs but actually about varieties of
>human emanations. Later transformed and cloaked into
>the Microsoft-NYPD Domain Awareness program which
>pretended to be about data-gathering and infiltrating
>suspected terrorist conclaves, vaunted by resucitated
>HUMINT, but about, well, that's not for the inexperienced
>emanator to know.

>Why not wrap the phone in a couple of layers of aluminum 
>foil?  (Although, it won't shield against audio if that's being 
>recorded even while an RF contact does not exist...)
>      Jim Bell

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