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[Cryptography] Help investigate cell phone snooping by police nationwide

Tinfoil is not sufficent any more due to increased sensitivy of
interceptors. False protection left in place as ploy.

False TEMPEST protection is especially effective, the best
remains classified in a rolling fashion: more leaked to delude
the more unleaked of what works. Inadvertent emanations
are increasingly inadvertent as research in those waves
leaps by giant bounds.

Not news to this crafty gaggle of uncontrollably paranoidic
deceptors braying about faults, patches, new faults, new
paths, rolling thunder to panic herds of panic-herders,
pardon, infiltrated standards setters.

Jim, you may be the only experienced expert here in
betrayal by trustees inside and outside the penal colony,
pardon, West of the Pecos justice rigged-comsec
industry. All hail MIT, industry leader of techno-rigging.

BTW, are you at liberty to reveal the secrets of bio-chemical
TEMPEST? The inadvertent body odor is somewhat more
reliable than facial and corporeal. Rumor of testing on the
bio-chem harvesting in prisons, separation of sexes into
their many varieties of posturing, impostering, hybridity
and crossings.

After 9/11 batteries of full sprectrum bio-chem sensors
were set up in NYC transporation nodes, pretending to be
about snffing for bombs but actually about varieties of
human emanations. Later transformed and cloaked into
the Microsoft-NYPD Domain Awareness program which
pretended to be about data-gathering and infiltrating
suspected terrorist conclaves, vaunted by resucitated
HUMINT, but about, well, that's not for the inexperienced
emanator to know.

>Why not wrap the phone in a couple of layers of aluminum 
>foil?  (Although, it won't shield against audio if that's being 
>recorded even while an RF contact does not exist...)
>      Jim Bell