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[Cryptography] Help investigate cell phone snooping by police nationwide

>>>> (or as Snowden demonstrated, put in a fridge to avoid scrutiny and
>>>> audio capture the best idea.  non-serial tower associations are an
>>>> anomaly alerted and acted upon.)

Faraday cages concept really depend on the freqs they are designed
to inhibit, pressure, sound, radio, optic, etc. Given wide enough freqs,
one cage does not service all.
A fridge has plastec and magnetic gaskets, over maybe 2cm variant
gap, so not a complete EM seal (at whichever specifical freqs).
And grounding issue. But good at human sound deading.
Microwave door shield is closer to cell phone freq shield.
If you cannot simply remove the battery preferably, that is.
As always, test first. And is easy to find phones to test
all phone bands with.