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[cryptography] The next gen P2P secure email solution

What about streaming, which is increasingly used to hold power to account in real time? Or other rich, necessarily large media which needs to *get out fast*? Big media isn't always frivolous. Even frivolity is important, and a mixnet without fun is gonna be a small mixnet.

On 2 June 2014 02:33:56 GMT+01:00, [email protected] wrote:
>> Message du 01/06/14 20:37
>> De : "grarpamp" 
>> In May 2014 someone wrote:
>> >> > p2p is no panacea, it doesn't scale
>> >>
>> >> I believe it could. Even if requiring super aggregating
>> >> nodes of some sort. Layers of service of the whole
>> >> DHT space. More research is surely required.
>> > It is not possible to have fast p2p unless:
>> > - Cable networks collaborate by increasing bandwidth 7 to 8 times
>> My references to scale were not intended to be about...
>> bulk bandwidth across such networks (for example, right
>> now, I2P and Tor are doing well enough to see very low
>> quality video between their hidden nodes if you get a lucky
>> path, and well enough for moving large files around in non
>> realtime). ie: the nodes have bandwidth available.
>We all wish privacy, not necessarily 4k videos. The current bandwidth
>can provide for 4k videos and also privacy, no matter if a littler
>slower, for a little chat, work and file transfers.
>Except if you are into media production or warez, the current bandwidth
>already does the trick for all the rest.

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