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[cryptography] The next gen P2P secure email solution

> Message du 01/06/14 20:37
> De : "grarpamp" 
> In May 2014 someone wrote:
> >> > p2p is no panacea, it doesn't scale
> >>
> >> I believe it could. Even if requiring super aggregating
> >> nodes of some sort. Layers of service of the whole
> >> DHT space. More research is surely required.
> > It is not possible to have fast p2p unless:
> > - Cable networks collaborate by increasing bandwidth 7 to 8 times
> My references to scale were not intended to be about...
> bulk bandwidth across such networks (for example, right
> now, I2P and Tor are doing well enough to see very low
> quality video between their hidden nodes if you get a lucky
> path, and well enough for moving large files around in non
> realtime). ie: the nodes have bandwidth available.

We all wish privacy, not necessarily 4k videos. The current bandwidth can provide for 4k videos and also privacy, no matter if a littler slower, for a little chat, work and file transfers.

Except if you are into media production or warez, the current bandwidth already does the trick for all the rest.