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is truecrypt dead?

Dnia sobota, 31 maja 2014 14:53:43 Cathal Garvey pisze:
> The question is not whether or not you can securely disclose that you
> are under NSL. The question is whether you can do so without, when the
> word breaks, being in trouble for leaking that information.
> So yes, you can establish all sorts of wonderful contraptions that "get
> the word out", publicly or privately, on or off-shore, so that the
> people outside can disseminate warnings that you've been compromised.
> But in the end, the stasi will blame you, and no matter how much
> cooked-up legal convolution you wrap yourself in, they will nail you to
> a cross.
> My view is that engaging in such convolutions serves two
> counterproductive ends:
> 1) It makes it seem as if you acknowledge that you should not be
> disclosing the NSL; a Jury, if you were so lucky and were actually
> allowed to testify before them in your defence (lol Grand Jury) would be
> suspicious of your motives. Why all the cloak-and-dagger? It's easy for
> the prosecution to make you seem shady and suspicious for acting in that
> way.
> 2) It delays your disclosure and allows the stasi time and opportunity
> to preempt and prevent your disclosure entirely.

Good points, thanks.

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