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Firechat's Amazon S3 instance got blocked in Russia

So firechat.s3.amazonaws.com with IPs,,,,,, was
blocked in Russia by order 27-27-2014/Ð?д4349-14 of General Prosecutor.

That instance was used by Firechat to over-the-internet chats.

Firechat became very popular in Russia in last days (it's got to the top
of Apple's App Store) because of it's mesh-chat function and because of
planned rallies in support of Alexei Navalny. Rally was planned on 15
Jan, but as court yesterday decide to move the date of sentence to 30
Dec, it happened today. Alexei Navalny got 3.5 years of suspended
sentence, and his brother, Oleg, was jailed for 3.5 years.

This is the first time when some service got blocked that way, before
that there was only websites. It's not a big deal because of mesh chat.
Both firech.at & opengarden.com/firechat wasn't blocked and still works,
downloads from App Store & Google Play are fine too.

Due to how ISPs block things (IP blocking mainly), Russian users also
got a problems with many services which use S3.


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