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<JYA> Hash this motherfucker, said math to germ.

On 12/29/14, John Young <[email protected]> wrote:
>  From discussion on these lists and elsewhere tampering with
> data can, does, occur at every software and hardware hand-off,
> with each self-serving iteration having hidden and vulnerable hardware
> and software undisclosed malignity, no matter the security ostentatiously
> applied

said another way:
 there are risks known, and known unknown, and unknown unknown,
  in such a calculated cache - digital and present harm alike and unto the
   soul-deep sickness a dragon Smaug, imbued as dark greed,
    unto sea of coin and wealth unseen in any other age...

the risk visible, or not. fathomable, or not. but risk all the same.


 "This is a trap, witting and unwitting.
  Do not use it or use at own risk.
  Source and this host is out to pwon and phuck you in complicity
   with global Internet authorities.

  Signed Batshit Cryptome and Host,
  9 July 2014, 12:16ET."
   - https://cpunks.org//pipermail/cypherpunks/2014-July/005020.html

still true, as always!

 ... as practical matter, content in such an archive is more
actionable in a criminal or civil sense, in some locales, simply by
nature of the contention around the content. or loaded with malware.
or honeytoken to the void, or ruse of attention sink, or misleading
intentionally compartment of confusion, or generator markov awry, or


FY2014 corpora is coming, like cryptome-jul2014

reply to receive early distribution.

- cryptome, web, other selected volumes
- sha256 short sums, selected signatures
- annotated search-able formats, where available
- coder's annotations and subsets [to explain later]
- Xapian stores by domain for custom aggregation or scope