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What the hell can be done with this trinity?

USPS interdiction of routers, computers, packages and mail has little over sight. USPS attempted to censor report of failure to follow safeguards.


>From: " Ð?лекÑ?андÑ? " <[email protected]>

>From the "Spiegel" article
>If all else fails, the NSA and its allies resort to brute force:
>> 1. They hack their target's computers/
>> 2.
>> â??â??
>> They hack Internet routers to get to the secret encryption/
>> 3. T
>> â??â??
>> hey intercept computers on the way to their targets, open them and
>> spy gear before they even reach their destination.
>Ok. Nothing new.
>But what the hell can be done with this trinity?