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request for transcript: Bruce Schneier and Eben Moglen discuss a post-Snowden Internet

Dnia poniedziaÅ?ek, 16 grudnia 2013 10:00:05 Cari Machet pisze:
> tonight in the us of agh  on 60 minutes they had on a giant ad for the NSA
> fr what i understand alexander has his office set up as star trek battleship
> and this was really weird they do standing meetings with a blue light on
> where he gets a report read to him - they gave the appearance of children
> playing a game

They *are* children playing a game. Boys with (extremely dangerous) toys.

> they said every summer they have high school student interns break code for
> them and they are highly successful
> i just wonder if ppl are thinking about the bio sphere at all in terms of
> some sort of 'encryption' method i mean if we can work outside of the
> little box they have made for themselves (and us) then  mayb things r
> movable?

I think that making working for NSA "srsly uncool, dude" is a very effective 
tactic, for example. Especially in the light of the "thanksgiving talking 

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