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request for transcript: Bruce Schneier and Eben Moglen discuss a post-Snowden Internet

On 2013-12-17 11:38, rysiek wrote:
> I think that making working for NSA "srsly uncool, dude" is a very effective
> tactic, for example. Especially in the light of the "thanksgiving talking
> points".

Will never work.  You overrate social pressure.  Social pressure does 
not work on most males, and does not work on females under the influence 
of a bad boy alpha male.

Would nazism be cool 
if the winners had not made it the incarnation of evil?

The commies killed way more people than the nazis, but no one ever 
dresses up as commissar and kulak to perform sexual acts.

If the Nazis had won instead of the commies, and the Wikipedia articles 
on communism read the way the articles on Nazism read in our reality, if 
Senator McCarthy got in trouble for complaining about Nazis in the state 
department, if employees routinely get fired for using words suggestive 
of thoughts suggestive of class conflict, and every television villain 
is of an evil race, rather than a white male ceo, then commissars would 
be sexy.

But, in our reality, despite not stop television demonization, or rather 
because of it, white male CEOs and nazi stormtroopers are sexy.

You think social pressure works, because people stop using certain words 
for homosexual, and call firemen firefighters, but that is not social 
pressure, that is because employers fire people who use those words, and 
if they don't fire them, the government runs the employer out of 
business - not soft power, but hard power thinly dressed as soft power.