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EM-nature (was: infra-org)

JYA wrote:

> The celebrated EM components of TEMPEST are commonly
> used as subterfuges, ruses and ploys to divert attention from
> the non-EM -- which an almost limitless number of animals and
> other creatures use for SIGINT and COMINT...

i need to make note of this observation because it has special
relevance for the present situation of shared observation regarding
'information operations' (or other) that occur and-or are analyzed
within a particular context, framework, conceptualization. because
there is a split in worldview and modeling between the animal realm
whereby the sonar of bats or directional navigation of birds become
detached in their EM abilities from similar non-recognized natural
abilities in humans, which are 'off the map' so to speak, in terms
of a general awareness and recognition of similar EM physiology.

in other words, 'the senses' of humans are detached from their
electromagnetic context that would unify a model of humanity
(to be discussed at some later time) with such EM nature and
provide context for both a healthy relation and toxic conditions.
though this remains unrecognized via a political agenda that
prevents such data beyond its protected ideological boundary,
thus effects of wi-fi or artificial radiation (radio, etc) on human
beings is categorized into a realm of personal 'mental illness'
and unrelated to issues of cancer, at the same time EM tools
(nuclear resonance) are used to treat the ~mystery disease.

it is a split between mind-body that is enforced institutionally,
disallowing EM viewpoint while leveraging its onesidedness
against dumbed-down populations, unable to reason within
the warped frameworks about what is going on, because the
cause and effect have been separated, plausibly denied. in a
context of 'information operations' and 'electronic warfare' this
involves a realm of ~supernatural-like events that thus cannot
be accounted for in a non-electromagnetic context or view,
such that it cannot be 'rationally' reasoned with beyond a
realm of forced hysteria, as if dealing with ghosts/demons,
versus technological infrastructure operating in other realms.

thus security, defense, attacks are in a realm of "beliefs"
that are detached from a shared understanding/knowledge
of the environment these events are operating/occurring within,
like magic or witchcraft or sorcery, exfiltrating data and then
using a god-status to manipulate peoples lives - now this is
the power of government that is beyond oversight, law itself.

entire realms of ideological attackers then can be aligned in
such a ~wildwest scenario as if a replay of cowboys/indians,
the model for basic exchange moves towards highway robbery
in this same approach, detached from the actual condition that
exists, unable to speak about it or confirm it, as with physics
that supposedly "define" reality at the material level yet which
are byzantine and disconnected views that disallow reasoning
and observation while seeking to represent, have control over it
as ideology - this massive obfuscation the success of relativism.
so that nothing and only nothing can be discussed and the left
is rest for experts. in this way, silence is enforced via ideology
that is actually _detached from nature yet claims to represent it
and so to the mind and imagination and body of humans, these
as they are detached from the environment they exist within as
this becomes the basis for exploitation, predator/prey relations
at the level of politics of the rogue state, homicidal government.

in this way little can be said or done without being discredited
for going 'beyond the lines' that are dutifully enforced by the
protectors and defenders of the corrupt ideology, this boundary
is what needs to stand, the misrepresentation and malmodeling
of existence so that _reason cannot occur in accurate terms,
mathematics (of zero) and michelson-morley experiment (as
if simple debunk of aether) and removal of the absolute from
all equations, then acting and believing as if this is NORMAL
when it is fundamentally unreal as to shared experience and
observation of known and knowable facts and observations.
instead it becomes about what is allowed via a viewpoint
that can remain secure while allowing other views to exist,
within certain parameters yet truth is lost in this confinement
to a finite, overcontrolled, self-interested, skewed interaction,
whereby "nothingness" continually replaces "being" as the
shared condition, while those administering technology can
further apply and ply their craft and trade against and upon
humans, while humans have no effect on this relationship,
it is a bias that is enforced by dark ages restrictions upon
thought, held within an outdated view, stagnation of beliefs
for hundreds if not thousands of years of knowledge (basic
amber and lodestone fundamentals continually extended,
technologized) whereby even the fact that the atmosphere
itself is full of charge is irrelevant to those whose interest
is in technology, as if the 'data model' for information only
exists in artificial media and not within EM nature itself,
that beings could be interacting and formatted the shared
environment like the r/w head of a harddrive via mind, yet
the considerations never go outside the skull or beyond
the 'expert models' that bound this to the brain instead.
as if people cannot be allowed to think for themselves
or perhaps know far more than "beliefs" of scientists
allow via its enforcement of a corrupt political ideology,
where this bias against accurate human representation
that gives rise and momentum to an antihuman agenda,
a religious belief system that is biased against humans
as this is turned into infrastructure, tools, government.
and at its core is nothingness. falsity, lies. not truth.
it is language games. it is disregard for, exploitation
of logic whereby proofs are unneeded, never checked-
beyond language in its ungrounded condition and this
very comprehensiveness is itself based on absolutism,
where 'it cannot be known' becomes this absolute truth
simultaneously denied by the same political priesthood
whose goal is to mislead, misdirect, to keep us enslaved
in a false worldview, model, "physics" detached from reality

the disconnection of accurate understanding of the mind,
as if we cannot be allow to think or know consciousness
even, outside the scientific technological evaluation within
a biased modeling, then forbids accurate connection and
evaluation with the electromagnetic body, nervous system,
senses, in terms of awareness, reasoning, truth itself as
it relates to information (and security) beyond 'the brain',
and all the senses in their variability as they are unified
and not kept separate within human and other entities.
yet this wholeness is illegal as an identity, observation
is forcibly denied, the perspective directly challenges
the technical and ideological and political advantage of
those using these warped harmful tools and exploits
against the population, to continue their illegal control
over events to the deterioration of earth, its inhabitants

when truth is outlawed there is no way to 'reason' about
such conditions. they are penalized as viewpoints and
this defines a boundary condition or protected threshold
of different values, economic/political/social interests
that separate, some mind and bodies benefit for this
while others must suffer as a result of ongoing deception.
for some it is their security model, this obfuscated realm.
for others, humans, it is the basis for insecurity, torment,
disconnection for action and ability, realism, truth itself

thus reality is legislated away by others who stand in
for the law, on their own terms, for their own benefit
while others must suffer for this to be sustained, yet
if some take on more suffering via self-sacrifice, this
condition could be fundamentally transformed, given
rules of operation changed, hacked, short-circuited
and switched into other circuits, functionality, and
then the situation becomes increasing interesting
worldwide, as unified understanding takes control,
governed by shared service to truth, firstly, finally

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