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EM-nature (was: infra-org)

The earliest and most enduring form of infosec -- crypt-crypto --
is non-EM, non-language, non-homo-erectus. Current versions contain
vestigals of those primitives in what is disingenuously termed
implementation. And it is in implementation where most comsec
failures occur and where most successes succeed. Code is
closer to whistling in the dark, baying at the moon, offering newborns
to hungry wolves.

Implementation is 99.99+% of infosec-comsec, perhaps 100%.
Code hardly scratches the surface and might be constructively
seen as a ruse, a strategem, concocted and promoted to delude.

Delusion is the prime purpose of implementation. Code inebriation
creates phantasms of security by ignoring signs of predators
aprowl where coders live, work, sleep, chat OTR and post.

David Kahn, among others, amply desribes the range of
implementation, its short-term successes and long-term
delusions. Nothing finer in Carolina than belief in an
invulnerable cryptosystem. Less noticed is the effectiveness
of promulgating an invulnerable comsec or cryptosystem to
encourage widespread use. As seen today, not only in the
fantastic rise of the comsec industry but also in the frantic
efforts to keep the ball rolling to counter Snowden's
disclosures of delusion.

At 11:58 AM 12/8/2013, Brian Carroll wrote:

i need to make note of this observation because it has special
>relevance for the present situation of shared observation regarding
>'information operations' (or other) that occur and-or are analyzed
>within a particular context, framework, conceptualization. because
>there is a split in worldview and modeling between the animal realm
>whereby the sonar of bats or directional navigation of birds become
>detached in their EM abilities from similar non-recognized natural
>abilities in humans, which are 'off the map' so to speak, in terms
>of a general awareness and recognition of similar EM physiology.

Rest good stuff elided.