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Date: 10/29/05-03:02:42 AM Z
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davidhatton wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am truly grateful for all the good, heartfelt and very extensive
> advice. I realise now that asking for the attributes of a particular
> paper at THIS moment, no THIS, no THIS moment in time is practically
> impossible. I know also that laying down a years supply is dodgy at best
> - but - if I get it wrong I hope I can change whatever I need to change
> in order to accommodate any problems I may have. The list of papers I
> intend to test are Rives BFK (yes I know) 300 gsm and 400gsm, Fabriano
> Extra White Hot Pressed 300gsm and Arches Aquarelle Satine 300gsm.

Like Fabriano, Arches offers two very different papers under the same
name. If by Arches Aquarelle Satine you mean Arches Aquarelle with a hot
press surface, you'll get the Arches Aquarelle that hasn't been
performing very well for the last five years or so. It's the Arches
Bright White Hot Press that I am presently using and really really love
the surface of, if that makes any difference to you. Of the three you
mention above, I'm inclined to agree with others that the Fabriano
Artistico Extra White would probably give you the best general
performance, even if I myself don't care for the paper.

> tuned for the results of this (and many more) in-depth investigations!
> What ever happened to standards? I suppose that those attributes beloved
> by painters are unaffected by changes in production methods. Who knows?

A couple of years ago I came across an editorial note in a watercolor
magazine that said there had been so many complaints from watercolor
painters about changes in paper that the magazine was undertaking to do
a study of papers. I never bought the magazine again to see if it ever
happened, but it shows that even watercolor painters aren't necessarily
happy with watercolor paper these days. Good Luck!
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