Re: Possibly the silliest Gum question ever!

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Date: 10/29/05-03:11:48 AM Z
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Ah, what we do for love... There are some papers (Arches Platine for
example) that are made specially for some alternative processes that
don't work as well for gum; this may well be one of them. What's
gelignite? One thing I didn't like about the Platine was the sort of
weird sizing it had; the behavior of this Talbot sounds very similar.

davidhatton wrote:
> Hi Katherine,
> Yes I've tried it. It was a battle of wits and the paper won!
> Talbot is, I believe, a close relative of Buxton designed by Mike Ware
> and produced by Ruscombe Mill. It is heavier at 240 gsm and heavily
> sized with gelignite. Yes, it blew! At least for me.
> Out of the box the paper is beautiful smooth, white and crisp and
> delicate looking. It is a hand-made paper and sells for around 10 bucks
> a pop plus delivery.
> If I were an expert gummmy bear I would be able to make beautiful single
> coat gum prints on it but alas and alack, 'tis wasted on me.
> Due to the heavy gelatine sizing I tried just hardening that which came
> with the paper using Formaldehyde. It didn't work. Quelle surprise. The
> gelatine was inconsistent, some sheets having 'snail trails' of gum
> across the surface.
> Nextly, I hot soaked the paper for about, oh, 30 minutes. It doesn't
> like hot soaks. When I grabbed the paper, the corner came clean off.
> Next a long overnight cold soak. This was fine. No problem except that
> the paper had become totally translucent. I could see my fingers through
> the paper but it was still strong enough to hang on the washing line.
> BUT, it didn't dry flat at all. It didn't just curl, it became distorted
> in every direction. When I taped it down to coat it (all four edges) it
> bellied up. This happened even after double sizing and formaldehyde
> hardener.
> When coating you need to be faster than a Norwegian Racing Sardine 'cos
> then it buckles as the colour is applied. I ain't that fast..Only after
> about 4 coats of gum and development does it start to settle down.
> Another wonderful feature of this paper is that it sinks during
> development. Excellent! I developed face up which worked reasonably well
> but obviously not to be recommended. Some kind of flotation device is
> needed.
> This is definitely a paper for the pros., not for people such as I.
> I may try it again after about 5 or 10 years of experience but I do
> think you experts should give it a go. especially for that 'Special'
> picture.
> Regards,
> David H
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