Many Thanks for your interest and awful warning. WAS: Re: Magnani Pescia et al.. for gumprinting

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Date: 10/29/05-06:50:49 AM Z
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Hi All,

I am truly grateful for all the good, heartfelt and very extensive
advice. I realise now that asking for the attributes of a particular
paper at THIS moment, no THIS, no THIS moment in time is practically
impossible. I know also that laying down a years supply is dodgy at best
- but - if I get it wrong I hope I can change whatever I need to change
in order to accommodate any problems I may have. The list of papers I
intend to test are Rives BFK (yes I know) 300 gsm and 400gsm, Fabriano
Extra White Hot Pressed 300gsm and Arches Aquarelle Satine 300gsm. Stay
tuned for the results of this (and many more) in-depth investigations!

What ever happened to standards? I suppose that those attributes beloved
by painters are unaffected by changes in production methods. Who knows?
and to quote Judy



David H
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