Re: Possibly the silliest Gum question ever!

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Date: 10/27/05-10:41:57 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote: (August 15, 2005)
> wrote:
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> > Hi,
> > I recently purchased some 'Talbot' paper from Ruscombe Mill in France
> > to try for gum printing. I must say it is very nice to look at, stroke
> > etc., and is a nice crisp white.This is a tub gelatine sized paper
> > specifically made for Alt processes (not Pt/Pd).I took one sheet and
> > soaked it
> > In for a while in warm water ( I can't give an exact time 'cos I lost
> > the bath plug - it's a long story. Anyway, when I took the paper out
> > of the water it had a distinct slimy/slippery feel to it which I took
> > to be the softened gelatine. I then had a blinding flash of
> > constipation! Why can't I just soak the paper in formaldehyde to
> > harden the existing gelatine followed by a soak to shrink afterwards?
> > That is my question to youz guyz. Has anyone ever tried it or am I
> > maiising something blindingly obvious?
> David,
> It's not a silly question at all, and as far as I know you're not
> missing anything obvious that would preclude trying this. Let us know
> what you find out, okay? How does the paper print as it comes out of the
> box, or have you tried that? I'm just curious, as always...

Hi David,
I came across this post today and am curious whether you tried this or
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