Gum over Palladium

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Date: 10/26/05-01:35:41 AM Z
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I have finally had the oppertunity to do some modest alt. printing (modest size : 4*5). Recently done some Ziatype with a few of my MACO IR negatives, processed in PyrocatHD. They printed quite nice as Ziatypes, and these prints are a good starting point to add some colour to the large highlight areas (trees, grass etc) by gum printing. I have done a few gum over Palladium prints and although the end results are quite nice, I liek to hear what input people have on this techniques.

Basically I would like to have colour only in the highlight areas, not in the darker parts, but I guess that that is pretty hard unless you mask the shadow parts (pretty though with tree trunk and branches) or remove the gum layer after developement when the print is still wet.

I use the same neg for both gum and Ziatype (and run into long exposure times for the gum obviously : 30 min verse the Zia for about 9-12 min). I use W&N Gum and saturated PotDichr. 1:1 and W&N pigments (very very roughly about 0.05 gr per 1ml total volume).

So are there suggestions on perhaps less dichromate, less pigment or.. to achive the effect I would like to obtain,

Thanks in advance!


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