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Breukel, C. (HKG) wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Katherine,
> Regarding the pigments I use (no idea if they are transparent) are from W&N, Cotman (do not have the tubes in front of me right now): Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue (I believe), and Cadmium Yellow (I think)..

Hi Cor,

Before I start suggesting transparent pigments, I have to ask about your
color choices. Except for the burnt sienna, these appear to be colors
that may have been chosen originally to print color separations, but
which aren't colors that would immediately occur to me for adding color
to a palladium print. It seems like the idea in most gumovers I've seen
is to impart a little color to an otherwise black and white print, much
like toning a silver print. Is that the effect you are after, or is it
something else you want to achieve by adding color to the highlight
areas (grass, trees)? My answer about pigments would depend on your
answer to this.

..actually I am still in the " playing phase", not sure what it is I am after: I guess both: for some images it would be nice to add a hint of colour, other imges (like the IR images with the white trees and grass) could probably use a fuilling in with colour,. perhaps for the latter I might following Sam Wang's suggestion and make a mask on Lith film.


So for the hint of colour , like toning, what transparant pigments would you suggest?...


Thanks and best,


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