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Hi Loris,

Indeed the digital route is a possibility, am just not prepared (yet?) to go down that road, I prefer the traditional way...



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> This is more a question than it is a suggestion: I would try... less
> pigment and/or more dichromate and/or more exposure and/or very soft
> brush(es) to remove the hardened emulsion from the shadows (maybe
> dropping water gently with a baster?)... What our experienced gum
> printers think?
> My "real suggestion" would be printing with digital negatives (one for
> the Ziatype, one - modified just for printing highlights - for the gum
> layer)...
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> Subject: Gum over Palladium
> Hi,
> I have finally had the oppertunity to do some modest alt. printing
> (modest size : 4*5). Recently done some Ziatype with a few of
> my MACO IR
> negatives, processed in PyrocatHD. They printed quite nice as
> Ziatypes,
> and these prints are a good starting point to add some colour to the
> large highlight areas (trees, grass etc) by gum printing. I
> have done a
> few gum over Palladium prints and although the end results are quite
> nice, I liek to hear what input people have on this techniques.
> Basically I would like to have colour only in the highlight areas, not
> in the darker parts, but I guess that that is pretty hard unless you
> mask the shadow parts (pretty though with tree trunk and branches) or
> remove the gum layer after developement when the print is still wet.
> I use the same neg for both gum and Ziatype (and run into
> long exposure
> times for the gum obviously : 30 min verse the Zia for about
> 9-12 min).
> I use W&N Gum and saturated PotDichr. 1:1 and W&N pigments (very very
> roughly about 0.05 gr per 1ml total volume).
> So are there suggestions on perhaps less dichromate, less pigment or..
> to achive the effect I would like to obtain,
> Thanks in advance!
> Best,
> Cor
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