Re: my first van dyke!!

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/10/05-09:28:39 PM Z
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>>> 10/10/05 8:14 PM >>>
Its kinda hard to coat the paper in subdued light or red safelight. Any
tips on how to do that? ...


Don't worry about it. I've been coating van dyke brown under regular
daylight fluorescents for years and have never noticed any fogging. I
coat under fluorescents, dry the paper in the dark using a hair dryer
(w/o heat), load the print/negative sandwich in the contact frame or UV
plateburner under fluorescents, and then process under fluorescents, all
without any noticable fog. IME, warnings about safelights with this
process (and cyanotype, POP, salted paper and gum for that matter) are
way overblown.

Run a test if you are skeptical.

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