my first van dyke!!

From: Eric Maquiling ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/10/05-05:19:15 PM Z
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Yippie! I finally got an image. Well, sort of. I knew my rate of sucess was
going to be way under 100%. For now, I'm doing small negs. 6x9 to be exact
until I get the hang of it and then, Polaroid 665 sizes then to the 8x10 sizes!
Taking slow steps right now. Image actually came up but a problem. I just
took a guess of 10 minutes in the UV box. Yah, I know, you were wondering heh
heh, he couldn't have done it properly the first time.

Well after taking the negative out, I noticed some of the brown emulsion
stuck to the neg. Looks like I can rewash it but what could cause this? Its
like spotted brown bits on my negative. I see I should have used a less
desirable image for my first attempt.

BTW, I'm using plain old (just because I have it lying around), Cranes
Ecruwhite paper that my wife used for old resumes.

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