Re: my first van dyke!!

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/10/05-09:51:29 PM Z
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On Mon, 10 Oct 2005, Joe Smigiel wrote:
> Don't worry about it. I've been coating van dyke brown under regular
> daylight fluorescents for years and have never noticed any fogging. I
> coat under fluorescents, dry the paper in the dark using a hair dryer
> (w/o heat), load the print/negative sandwich in the contact frame or UV
> plateburner under fluorescents, and then process under fluorescents, all
> without any noticable fog. IME, warnings about safelights with this
> process (and cyanotype, POP, salted paper and gum for that matter) are
> way overblown.

My experience exactly. I coat by window daylight, or fluorescent,
and our school lab was lit only by fluorescent... Wet emulsion *is* light
sensitive, but so much slower than dry it isn't going to fog -- as long as
you dry in the dark. However if you blow dry with *heat* IME that's a
marked variable, can often lower D-Max a LOT and/or fog or attenuate

A (small) regular room fan in the paper drying area will dry emulsion in
15 or 20 minutes without heat -- unless it has drips. But if you coat by
normal light, you shouldn't have drips.


> Run a test if you are skeptical.
> Joe
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