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Date: 10/04/05-08:44:55 PM Z
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>>We're sitting out the season's first snow storm with high winds and wet
>>snow. It's another beautiful day in Wyoming.

Me too, Dave...first snowfall of the season today. I am not ready at ALL
for I yearn for South Carolina.

For the record for anyone interested, the ability to be able to go back and
erase a gum layer down to cyanotype once a print is long finished (with a
magic scotch brite pad and lots of soaking in water to soften) has nothing
to do with printing "soft" or "hard" but has everything to do with
sizing--in my practice. This is hard to do with gum prints that are not
well sized--in my practice. Maybe Jack has more luck with that than I
do--it just scrapes paper away along with the gum layer--in my practice. But
I think Jack sizes with acrylic or gesso--in his practice.


PS Listen up you all: my tricolor gum OVER CYANOTYPES are now going to be
labeled correctly, especially to make sure that when they are acquired by
the Getty, the conservator Dr. Stulik will know what they are. Mine are now
going to be called "Wangers"--thanks, Mark, for the idea. I'll store them
in my bedroom along with my Barbie densitometer. This list provides me with
neverending fun and entertainment...
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