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Date: 10/04/05-08:04:57 PM Z
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I agree with Dave here. I know a lot of practicioners will jump out and
disagree. The only reason to print gum over cyanotype, or to have the
cyanotype as the first layer is if you want to have a dominant blue print
(dominant purple, etc). I have seen actual printss, tried it myself and seen
scans of prints. The all have the cyanotype cast. I have yet to see a gum
over cyanotype that is correctly color balanced in the shadows and
hihglights. It could be done with perhaps 2-3 printings of each color and
then some corrections. On the other hand I am working on some prints that
require very delicate shadows and the faint cyanotype l;ayer might deliver
just that. Different prcedures for different visions
marek, Houston

>From: Dave Rose <>
>Subject: Re: Blue-Black Cyanotype & Luster
>Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 19:34:55 -0600
>Hi Henk,
>The advantage that cyanotype offers over a blue gum image is the increased
>print density and sharpness. It provides a good base to print multiple gum
>layers over. Cyanotype/gum is a great combination for certain images that
>benefit from sharpness in detail and/or a rich blue/green/purple emphasis.
>Other subjects work better as straight gum prints. I can't say I like one
>method more than the other. They both work well, it depends on the
>It takes 5 or more coatings to get a noticeable shine in the shadows when
>I'm printing gum. It's a nice effect but it sure is easy to overdo it and
>kill a print from too-heavy printing.
>We're sitting out the season's first snow storm with high winds and wet
>snow. It's another beautiful day in Wyoming.
>Here's a photo of my latest acquisition, a 1962 Willys pickup:
>Best regards,
>Dave Rose
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> > Op 4 okt 2005 om 15:18 heeft Dave Rose het volgende geschreven:
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> > > Try printing a cyanotype/gum combination. Multiple printings with gum
> > > will
> > > create a luster or sheen, particularly in the shadow areas.
> >
> > In that case the question is :
> > Why a cyanotype at all ?
> > I also tried to tone cyanotypes to try to get some dark-blues, and
> > after several tries I just switched to gum with prussianblue (or
> > whatever blue) with ebony black (or whatever black). Lots of
> > combinations, lots of different dark-blues.
> > The luster.........(desirable the appearance in water)..........; apart
> > from oil- and bromoil prints I never got a real nice 'luster', and when
> > you follow the different threads during 10 years of alt-list , there is
> > no real method.
> > Bon courage,
> > Henk
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