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Snow?? We went from 104 to 73 several days ago. I long for a real winter.
Dallas is truly hell. And if not hell, then purgatory!

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> >>We're sitting out the season's first snow storm with high winds and wet
> >>snow. It's another beautiful day in Wyoming.
> Me too, Dave...first snowfall of the season today. I am not ready at ALL
> for I yearn for South Carolina.
> For the record for anyone interested, the ability to be able to go back
> and
> erase a gum layer down to cyanotype once a print is long finished (with a
> magic scotch brite pad and lots of soaking in water to soften) has nothing
> to do with printing "soft" or "hard" but has everything to do with
> sizing--in my practice. This is hard to do with gum prints that are not
> well sized--in my practice. Maybe Jack has more luck with that than I
> do--it just scrapes paper away along with the gum layer--in my practice.
> But
> I think Jack sizes with acrylic or gesso--in his practice.
> Chris
> PS Listen up you all: my tricolor gum OVER CYANOTYPES are now going to be
> labeled correctly, especially to make sure that when they are acquired by
> the Getty, the conservator Dr. Stulik will know what they are. Mine are
> now
> going to be called "Wangers"--thanks, Mark, for the idea. I'll store them
> in my bedroom along with my Barbie densitometer. This list provides me
> with
> neverending fun and entertainment...
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