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heheheeh actually I am enjoying this thread. As Joe pointed out there are
2-3 different standards besides the ANSI standards, which I think are quoted
both in Dick Arentz's Platinum & Palladium Printing and in Phil Davis's Beyond
The Zone System.

Sandy made a good point regarding digital negatives. Since you can apply a
Process Adjustment Curve, you can get separation up closer to DMax. So it
would seem that another standard might be applied to using digital negatives.
I do a similar calibration to Sandy, going pretty high up on the shoulder of
the PD curve for my print DMax.

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> you have posted there that the Kallitype step test with an exposure by the
> URI super actinic gave you an ES of 2.4. Well that is close to what mine step
> test look like. Unlike your posted image that should only an ES of 1.8 for
> your platinum/palladium. I don’t think we are not talking apples to apples, I
> think that we are talking difference in process that is so great as to seem
> like a whole different kind of apple. Do you have the reflected data for those
> tests? That way we can compare real numbers to real numbers within the
> measuring ability of the densitometers at hand.
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