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Eric, you described a PT/PD mix you use that has an exposure scale of about
Log 3.0. Do you use this mix for in camera negatives or digital negatives or

I am assuming you use this long exposure scale (very low contrast mix) for a
reason—could I ask what that is? Or perhaps there is more than one reason?

Also, is this based on how you like to shoot/develop your negatives or is it
based on using a mix that you like the print characteristics of, so you
fashion your in camera negatives accordingly.

I'm also assuming you are not using this mix because of Exposure Scale Envy.

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> Well, that wasn't so hard. When I go to the unblinking eye site where you
> show your pt/pd test, I see dmax at step 7 and and dmin and step 18 ,
> showing 12 steps with an ES  of 1.8. Step 1,2,3 were all of the same
> density? And paper white is at step 19?
> If, so that is not where I am counting. Steps 1 and 2 still show separation
> and step 21 is darker paper white in my ES.
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