Step test and ES apples to apples

From: Eric Neilsen ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/03/05-04:49:41 PM Z
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Sandy, I was looking at your step test on the site below.



you have posted there that the Kallitype step test with an exposure by the
URI super actinic gave you an ES of 2.4. Well that is close to what mine
step test look like. Unlike your posted image that should only an ES of 1.8
for your platinum/palladium. I don't think we are not talking apples to
apples, I think that we are talking difference in process that is so great
as to seem like a whole different kind of apple. Do you have the reflected
data for those tests? That way we can compare real numbers to real numbers
within the measuring ability of the densitometers at hand.



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