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I was going to say the same thing, Maria--David just answered this question.
I was wondering if you aren't getting all the emails from the list?

I must add that my gum stuff I share is based on "a la Sam Wang", too. He
was my professor at Clemson for grad school. In fact, I term my tricolor
gum process the Wang process :) Of course I never got him to go with
glutaraldehyde because he doesn't size. Maybe now that he is returning to
some casein work, he might experience the benefits of it.

The benefit of my MFA at Clemson is that I received a Wang gum print as a
trade!! I am the proud owner of his work that is in Barnier's book (p.

But that doesn't answer the specific: 1 drop 100% thymol per 5 oz. gum.

PS I got home to 150 emails on zone system--what a treat! Thanks all for
continuing the discussion so I can learn more.
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> Hi Maria,
> I have already answered this. See
> David H
> maria ahlberg wrote:
>> Thank you so much Christina.
>> I use thymol as a preserver but i have my notes in another place and i
>> need to prepare the gum solution today can you tell me how much thymol i
>> should add?
>> Maria
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>> From: <i>&quot;Christina Z. Anderson&quot;
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>> <i></i><br>Subject: <i>re: mixing gum
>> arabic</i><br>Date: <i>Sun, 02 Oct 2005
>> 23:56:44 -0600</i><br>&gt;Maria,<br>&gt;I mix it with water 1 gum to 2
>> water, weight to volume: e.g. 100g <br>&gt;gum arabic to 200ml water,
>> and sometimes even 1:1.<br>&gt;Chris<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;Mixing
>> powder gum with water.<br>&gt;&gt;How much gum to water is there somone
>> on the list who could give me <br>&gt;&gt;the
>> recipe?<br>&gt;&gt;Maria<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br></font></BLOCKQUOTE>
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