Cyanotype - Tannic Acid toning

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/03/05-08:18:18 AM Z
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I often tone my Cyanotypes in Tannic acid (looking for split tone
effects - toning to completion doesn't interest me). Until yesterday
evening, I was always toning completely dried & cured Cyanotypes
(waiting at least one day after development) because I had read that
toning non-dried, just developed Cyanotypes would cause density loss.

Yesterday evening I was feeling lazy and too impatient to see the toned
result, so I toned a Cyanotype print right after developing it and
treating in H202 (Toner info: *bleach: half dessert spoon of Sodium
Carbonate to 1lt tap water, *toner : two heaping dessert spoons of
Tannic Acid to 1lt tap water - same procedure as the old toned prints).

The result was very good with no ill effects. Actually the color of
toned parts were more vivid, less dull (slightly more contrasty) and
more reddish. I found the result being superior to the prior ones (that
were toned after the curing period) "for my taste".

Just wanted to share this experience.


P.S. Straight Cyanotype II sensitizer (no citric acid addition) on
Bergger Cot 320 paper.
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