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Date: 10/02/05-12:58:33 PM Z
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In a Jobo Pro drum for 8x10 I use 1 liter for 5
sheets and, following Gordon's suggestion, I replace
the volume halfway through the process with a fresh
liter because of oxidation. I do this whenever I use
rotary and PMK for all formats.

Jobo lists the minumum volumes for 8x10 as 1/270 mls,
2/400 mls, 3/600 mls, 4/800mls and 5/1000 mls using
the 3005 drum.


--- "Jeffrey D. Mathias" <>

> One nice thing about this list is a lot of wheels
> have already been
> invented.
> It would be appreciated if someone familiar with PMK
> could tell me how
> much total volume of rolo PMK are required to
> develop a typical 8x10
> film using a tube. The concern is to not deplete
> the developer so as to
> get consistent results no mater the densities on the
> film. I currently
> tray develop with 1030 ml PMK (10-20-1000) per each
> 8x10 and have not
> checked the capacity.
> Thank you in advance.
> --
> Jeffrey D. Mathias

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