Re: How Much PMK

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/02/05-12:58:23 PM Z
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I would recommend 500ml of solution, per 8X10 sheet of film.

However, PMK is not the best staining developer for rotary
processing, at least IMHO. You will get less general stain with
either Rollo Pyro or Pyrocat-HD. PMK oxidizes very rapidly with
rotary processing and the result will be increased B+F stain. This is
especially troubling with the long development times required for
alternative printing.


>One nice thing about this list is a lot of wheels have already been invented.
>It would be appreciated if someone familiar with PMK could tell me
>how much total volume of rolo PMK are required to develop a typical
>8x10 film using a tube. The concern is to not deplete the developer
>so as to get consistent results no mater the densities on the film.
>I currently tray develop with 1030 ml PMK (10-20-1000) per each 8x10
>and have not checked the capacity.
>Thank you in advance.
>Jeffrey D. Mathias
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