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Date: 11/27/05-09:44:25 PM Z
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>>> 11/27/05 3:53 PM >>>
It must be obvious even to the simplest of intellects that these curves
have worked for some people and are intended to help those who need some

kind of starting point in order to start their own method of producing a


David H<<


Like duh!

I would suggest that the only reason any of these curves might have
worked for some is that there is a wide variation in what could
personally be considered acceptable print quality. Having investigated
published curves posted elsewhere, I can only relate from experience
(trying to use them as a starting point as you suggest) that the only
way some of these curves would make an image is if good d max and a
halfway decent tonal scale were not important to the printer. Some
people make gawd-awful prints and are happy with them in a blissful
ignorance and then pass their magic bullet on. If one is to play
follow-the-leader, check out the leader's prints first, then decide
whether their curve, method, whatever, might be worth investigating for
your own work.

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