Re: How to apply curves in PS for digital negatives...

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Date: 11/28/05-06:10:44 AM Z
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Joe Smigiel wrote:

> David,
> Like duh!

I think that's what I said, only less concisely :)

> Some
> people make gawd-awful prints and are happy with them in a blissful
> ignorance and then pass their magic bullet on.

Blissful ignorance of what? I didn't know that art was objective. can
you forward me the standards for gum printing please?

  If one is to play
> follow-the-leader, check out the leader's prints first, then decide
> whether their curve, method, whatever, might be worth investigating for
> your own work.

Nobody is setting themselves up as a leader here, least of all me, but I
do think that this is another case for "Like Duh."

Somebody a lot more intelligent than all of us freely admitted
“If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the
shoulders of giants.”

Everybody needs help sometime :)


David H
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