Re: UV Box Heat Fogging?

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Date: 11/27/05-09:47:17 PM Z
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On Tue, 22 Nov 2005, Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

> Seems to me I read about this in one of the issues of Post Factory. Maybe
> I'll read it again. My light are only about an inch away from my paper maybe
> this is too close. When I print longer maybe the problems become more
> obvious.

If it's the article I'm thinking of, it wasn't fogging, but uneven
exposure (p.39-40 P-F #7). For most of the test variables, exposing
unevenly still printed pretty even, because the fluorescent light is so
*diffuse.* But there was some overall unevenness in the whole exposure
table and I spent an extreme amount of personal energy trying to figure
why -- checking distance between bulbs, height of bulbs, etc. etc. etc.
None of those factors explained it.

Finally, I switched the bulbs at the weak end with bulbs at the other end,
which got rid of it. Cause may have been difference in manufacture (even
same company), length of use, karma, or other -- like maybe the
electricity got worn out getting to the end of the line. It couldn't
however have been because one end was closer to the window -- it also
happened at night, AND that was the weak end.

Good distance of bulbs was 1-1/2 inches from paper. No fogging with any of
the positionsor variations.

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