RE: BL vs BLB tubes for cyanotype

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Date: 11/15/05-03:30:00 AM Z
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Happy for you Charles. That's really an amazing improvement! Do you
experience any color/contrast change with the new lights?

BTW, 3 mins with classic 1:1 sensitizer is quite short. What is the
wattage of the tubes? How close they're placed to the contact frame?
What negative material do you use? The glass in the contact frame; is it
a standard 2mm glass or something different (such as special glass with
more UV transparency). I'm telling this because I never had exposure
times less than 8mins. with classic Cyanotype - and I use 40W tubes
(24", not 48") placed very close to the glass, my green FAC is from B&S.
I'm telling you this because maybe you're not getting the maximum
probable density with your current setup and there may be some room for


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Subject: BL vs BLB tubes for cyanotype

My BL tubes arrived today! They replaced the BLB tubes I have been
using. I find an enormous improvement. Same paper, same sensitizer
(classic 1:1), same fixture (except for the bulbs), same day. Old
exposure 15 minutes. New exposure 3 minutes.
Charles Portland OR
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