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>From Post-Factory #8, page 38:

Westjet (6.5 ml): .... offers "Imagesetter quality film positives from
your inkjet printer and is geared to the silkscreen market" (this from
their promo, in the early days, before inkjet negatives were common for
alt. I tested it and found (quoting #8 again):

"It seems very much like Pictorico; even the curve is almost identical. It
performs much the same way on the 1160, but at half the price.....
However, Liam found that full color on the 1280 pubddled as it hadn't on
the sample, and that black alone worked only with a halftone screen
accessed through "print with preview" screens.... The company says for
best results, set printer media type to back light film... 1440 dpi. Turn
color off, select 'black ink' only.... Works with Epson 1520 & 3000 plus
many more. See our web site for list of compatible printers."

Above is excerpted, but gives the gist. I'd say, depends on the printer...
But I'd recommend the Kodak Reverse Print Backlit that comes after it on
page 38. It LOOKS scary (frosted white) but printed wonderfully in my
tests & Carmen's.

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