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Nope, you wait 20 mins before printing the first sheet of course... And
you don't have to use the same gum-pigment-dichromate mixture for the
whole set of prints; you can mix a new one halfway (lets say after the
3rd paper, so you won't be using a mixture that was aged more than 9
mins for this particular example) and print the following sheets
accordingly (I mean by adding the emulsion mixing time to the standard 3
mins. waiting time before making the first print of the second batch). I
have used temperaprint emulsion (whole egg + acrylic pigment(!) +
dichromate) and it didn't get more tacky than it was at the time of
mixing even after 10 minutes - I figure egg should be more prone to get
tackier with time (when compared to gum arabic), you can coat it over
ultra-smooth synthetic paper and it stays there.

Thanks for describing your workflow BTW.

Best regards,

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Assuming that I understand your workflow description, I'm inferring that
the drying time for each coated sheet would be about 3 minutes.
Unfortunately from my experience coated sheets need about 20 minutes to
dry completely. Also all of the sheets need to be coated one after the
other since the gum-pigment-dichromate mixture has a very limited time
to be coated. Each print is coated quickly; the sensitized gum mixture
becomes tacky and difficult to coat rapidly. I then use a blender brush
to smooth the coat evenly eliminating any streaking.
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