OT: what happened to my fix?

From: Iain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/14/05-12:31:57 PM Z
Message-id: <4378D81D.9080609@eiflex.com>

I have some film fixer stored in a polyethene container. I have had it
for quite a while, though last time I used it it still cleared the film
fairly quickly. Today I pulled it out of the cupboard and the inside of
the container has been 'plated' with a dark grey deposit. What just
happened? Obviously I will toss the fixer - there are bits floating in
it and chemicals are cheap compared to ruined images. Is it safe to use
the container again or will it spoil fresh fixer? Is there a way to
clean this stuff off?


Iain Coghill
Received on Mon Nov 14 12:32:15 2005

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