RE: what happened to my fix?

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Date: 11/14/05-12:40:32 PM Z
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Used film fixer, unlike used paper fixer, typically has a lot of silver in
it. What you are seeing is the silver plating out on the bottle. Is it bad?
Well it could come off and float around in new fixer waiting to scratch, or
otherwise damage your film. There are several mixtures that will bleach it
away. I'd start with a new bottle unless you are attached to that one or you
feel like bleaching it out. You can also convert it to your "old fixer
bottle" and allow it to continue to plate out new batches of old fixer.


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> Subject: OT: what happened to my fix?
> I have some film fixer stored in a polyethene container. I have
> had it
> for quite a while, though last time I used it it still cleared
> the film
> fairly quickly. Today I pulled it out of the cupboard and the
> inside of
> the container has been 'plated' with a dark grey deposit. What
> just
> happened? Obviously I will toss the fixer - there are bits
> floating in
> it and chemicals are cheap compared to ruined images. Is it
> safe to use
> the container again or will it spoil fresh fixer? Is there a
> way to
> clean this stuff off?
> Thanks
> Iain Coghill
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