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Chris, Has the Risk team seen the process in action? I'd guess it is a
dollars and cents issue with regard to insurance and assurances. If the
solution were diluted ahead of time in a restricted area, would make them
happy? The whole school bureaucracy is why I got out of video production for
San Francisco Unified; too many headaches from restrictive powers.

Good luck,
EJ Neilsen

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> > It would be interesting to know if the Risk Management
> department has
> > any chemists working for it. I bet they are all lawyers.
> Probably they are
> > concerned mostly with avoiding legal jeopardy. Can you
> approach these
> > people at all? I would ask what evidence they have that the
> procedures are
> > too dangerous. If there opinion is based on some book about
> chemical
> > hazards its probably wrong.
> > Possibly Ruyji Suzuki could help. I think he has enough
> academic
> > qualifications and enough experience with photo chemistry to
> voice an
> > opinion that might carry some weight or at least lead you in
> the right
> > direction.
> > If you were ever into science fiction find a very old Jack
> Williamson
> > story called _With Folded Hands_.
> > Richard Knoppow
> > Los Angeles, CA, USA
> >
> Ohhhh, Richard, some of what you say, above, is correct but I
> can't say
> more....
> Eric, we have a completely safe work environment, in that we
> have hazards
> and MSDSes and everything posted, cabineted, jugs to pour
> hazardous waste
> in, etc. The University is sure on that one. For instance,
> next semester
> with alt process I have to deal with dichromate issues.
> Hopefully they
> won't crack down on that now--Joe made a point offlist to me
> that I better
> watch making an issue of something so that they look at
> everything else more
> closely. We toxic waste our selenium, recycle silver--it is a
> large dept
> with 200 photo majors and about 160 students that go through
> the beginning
> photo class each semester, and we're right next to the
> chemistry building
> and Risk Management ;0I.
> The chemicals that are of concern are: hydrogen peroxide in
> combination
> with acetic acid and copper chloride. In their "whole" state
> (incorrect
> chemistry term) they should not be combined. But the
> mordancage formula is
> diluted drastically. That is my main point. Students will not
> mix up
> chemistry.
> Chris
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