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Date: 11/11/05-01:32:02 PM Z
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On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

> From: Judy Seigel <>
>> (I've also had fogging when my red photo bulb got scratches -- most of
>> them are made with a red lacquer sprayed on top of a regular plain bulb...
>> which can scratch, flake or crack. I patched with red nail polish.)
> Does it have to be red? What difference does it make?

I was out of the green and black nail polish, so I used the red....

As for whether a yellow bulb works for kalli -- I've always used just
regular room light, but writer said she got fogging with any light. It
occurs to me however that her "yellow safelight" might also have been
something for parties or bugs, or from home depot, and not calibrated for
film use.

It's my understanding, BTW, that any *color* film needs full dark, or at
most brief green light. I don't know personally, however, having never
done factory color.

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