Re: Signing Your Work

From: Barry Kleider ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/10/05-08:09:36 PM Z
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As you can see from the responses, there is no such thing as a
"standard" way to sign a photograph.

A couple years ago, I started signing the back of my prints in pencil,
and singing the mat in either pencil or permanent marker.

I recently saw a "certificate of authenticity" done by a local painter
and I'm considering doing this as well. On it, she's got a 50% screen of
the image, the title, edition and print number along with her signature
and the name and address of the gallery. I suppose other information
could be included: neg number, info about the process, etc.

I'm also considering getting an embossing stamp. Lithographers do this
always - even when they are printing for the artist. (I believe they
call it a "kiss.")


Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

>Where do people sign their work? Can someone give me the low-down on how I
>should sign and label a final print once it goes out the door? On the front,
>back, left corner, right corner. Is there a "standard"? Do I put the date on
>it? If the work has a title where does that go?
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